PC Personal Support, llc

custom care for your computing needs


About PC Personal Support:

Organized by Phil Hoffstadter, PC Personal Support is designed to serve the needs of the individual PC user, and those of small businesses, by providing exceptional customer service coupled with excellent value.

When you use our services, we make sure you received exactly the help you wanted and needed. We hope that you will think of us when any future computer needs arise, whether it be a simple upgrade, a repair, or a computer replacement.

About Phil:

Phil has over 40 years of computer experience.  Beginning as a mainframe programmer in 1978, he was thrilled, when in August of 1981, IBM announced the release of the first truly “Personal Computer”, the IBM 5150, running Bill Gates’ new operating system, MS-DOS.

Since that time, he has been building, programming, servicing and even playing with all types of personal computers.  The last nine years he was the manager of computer support for the corporate headquarters of a global financial institution.

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